Somalia: Meet Mogadishu’s daring teen mechanic Nasra Haji

Teenager Nasra Haji has ventured into a world most female Somalis would dare not: she is a mechanic.

She wakes up every morning and goes to her garage in Mogadishu where she has attracted many clients, thanks to her hard work.

“This has always been my passion. I love cars and I have always wanted to know about them. That is why I decided to become a mechanic,” says Nasra.

“This is not an ordinary job for ladies, but it is what I have always wanted to do. I am happy I have made my dream into a reality.”

Youth leader, Suaad Raage, has drawn her inspiration from Nasra.

“This gem is the first female mechanic is Somalia and is an inspiration to all,” she tweeted.

Nasra is among youth in Somalia who have reason to believe in empowerment following the fourth TEDxMogadishu, which was held this month.

She was one of the inspirational speakers at the event.

The event was aimed at creating opportunities for the youth, giving them a platform to express their creativity and courage, and boosting their chances of being self reliant.

Nasra’s story touched Dahabshiil’s CEO Abdirashid Duale, who attended TEDx.

The money transfer company has promised to help her, enabling her to develop her career as a mechanic.

“She is part of our vision to help youth achieve their goal in life,” says Duale.

Although the security situation in Mogadishu remains precarious, gatherings such as TEDx reveal a glimmer of hope and spreads inspiration, ideas and shows the world another picture of Somalia than what usually dominates the headlines.