Somaliland: President joins congregation in special prayers for rainfall observed nation-wide

The President H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo joined the congregation at the Hargeisa stadium yesterday in observation of a special national day of prayers for rainfall.

The special prayers were held nation-wide after a call for the solemnity by the minister for religion and endowment who also led the prayers.

The perennial drought that has now turned into famine has devastated the country, killing almost all of the livestock herds and leaving the people frail with lethargy and as poor as paupers.

Some parts of the country like Badan has not seen ample rainfall for over five years. The President prayed to Allah to have mercy on His people and shower the land with rainfall.

The religious minister Hon. Khalil called upon the congregation to be God-fearing, help each other, live in brethren-ship and harmony.

Islamic tradition prescribes the special open-field prayers when natural calamities like famine strike an area.

The President was accompanied by several ministers, personalspecial advisor, politicians and senior services commanders to the prayers that saw multitude of people converge for the observation of the special prayers for rainfall.