Somaliland: Turkish Airlines, Air Arabia interested in launching flights to Somaliland

Somaliland’s Minister of Aviation held separate meetings with Turkey’s representative to Somaliland and officials from a UAE-based airline on Monday.

Aviation Minister Farhan Adan Haybe met with Turkey’s representative to Somaliland, Ali Noyan and officials from the Turkish office in Somaliland to discuss Turkey Airlines’ interest in launching flights to Somaliland, and the renovation of Hargeisa’ Egal International Airport.

According to a brief press release from the Ministry, a delegation from Turkish Airlines and Turkish engineers are expected to arrive in the country in the near future to discuss the proposals further.

Haybe also met with officials from Air-Arabia, a low-cost airline based in the United Arab Emirates.

The two sides also discussed Air Arabia’s interest in launching direct flights to Somaliland.

According to the Ministry’s press release, the talks between the Ministry and Al-Arabiya are currently on-going.