Somalia: President Farmajo declares war on Al-Shabaab after reshuffling security structure

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has declared war on the militant insurgency group Al Shabaab on Thursday in a cabinet meeting where he made major changes to the security apparatus naming a new chief of police, military, and intelligence.

Abdihakim Dahir Saed was named the new Chief of Police replacing Mohamed Hassan Hamud who held the post under the previous administration.

General Mohamed Ahmed Jimale is the new Chief of Military after replacing Mohamed Aden Ahmed.

Abdullahi Mohamed Ali Sanbaloolshe has been named the Chief of Intelligence replacing General Abdullahi Gaafo Mohamud. Sanbaloolshe was one of three intelligence chief during the government of Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

In a twitter post through the made through the Villa Somalia account, the President, dressed in military fatigues asked the Somali people to stand with the Somali Armed Forces as they take the fight to the terror group.

“ The Somali people have declared war on terror, this fight is not one-sided and everyone needs to help. Everybody has a right to peace and we are fighting for that right.”