Somalia: Pirates reportedly hijack another boat off Somali coast

Somali pirates have reportedly hijacked Pakistani boat, Salama 1, off the coast of Somalia on Tuesday and are holding an unknown number of crew members hostage.

The vessel, which was carrying food was hijacked off the coast of Central Somalia. It is also the second boat to be hijacked by pirates in less than 48 hours after an Indian-owned vessel, MSV Al Kausar was hijacked earlier this week with 11 crew members on board.

On March 13, pirates hijacked the Sri Lankan-flagged oil tanker Aris 13. It was taken to the coast of Alula town in Puntland but released three days later, after regional Somali forces threatened force.

The mayor of Hobyo, Abdullahi Ahmed Ali told reporters that he believes the Pakistani vessel is being taken to El Hur where it will join the Indian ship.

The EU Naval Force confirmed that they can confirm the exact location of the Indian dhow and are attempting to reestablish communication.

After a lull in piracy that lasted years, the Salama 1 is the fourth piracy attack in just three works.