Somaliland: NEC releases total number of registered voters

The Republic of Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) has officially released the total number of registered voters eligible to take part in Presidential Elections scheduled for November 13th.

According to NEC spokesman Said Ali Mousa, 873,331 citizens will be eligible to cast their votes in November’s Presidential Elections.

Mousa also announced that the voter card distribution process will begin in the Awdal and Sahil regions on April 29th.

The National has obtained the regional breakdown of registered voters.

As expected, the regions of Marodi-Jeh and Togdheer topped the list with the most and second-most registered voters, respectively.

REGION (registered voters)        

1) MARODI- JEH (312, 364)

2) TOGDHEER (178, 506)

3) AWDAL (147, 031)

4) SANAAG (85, 222)

5) SAHIL (78, 842)

6) SOOL (71, 096)

TOTAL: (873, 331)