Somaliland: Making SL minorities’ voices heard

It is becoming increasingly clear in Somaliland that political marginalisation leads to violation of rights to  human development. With this in mind an activist. Mr M. A. Jama, argued, in a column in Baligubadle website, that Somaliland political parties approach minorities to achieve political goals despite unkept campaign promises made to minorities. He called for a conference  for Somaliland minorities to boost their political participation in the forthcoming Somaliland elections in October 2017.

Another commentator writing in discussed the roots of political marginalisation of Somaliland minorities. Mr J.M. Ali says minorities  had MPs in the first Somaliland parliaments based on clans but “when the one-man-one vote  elections were conducted [ in 2003 and 2010]  no minority MP has won parliamentary a seat”.

In areas where Somaliland elections did not take place  parliamentary seats were distributed equally to Somaliland parties. Somaliland Electoral Commission has not allocated parliamentary seats to minorities nor has any Somaliland political party included in its political programme measures to address inequalities Somaliland minorities suffer