Somaliland Politics, Not For The Weak

We are in the wave of  a Presidential election.  You as a Somalilander  would have to be on the moon not to know that. A wave of frenetic energy has taken over the country. In this unprecedented Presidential election, where for the first time in Somaliland’s history there is not an incumbent running.
A premise  that brings both opportunity and perils for the nation. Somaliland has come a long way in a remarkably short time. The nation’s progress defies conventional wisdom.  African nations just don’t exhibit such mature democratic tendencies so quickly. The opportunities afforded the three presidential candidates are self evident and are there for all to see. The fact that there is no incumbent belies something the world note. The candidates all come from clans that hither to now have not run for the highest office in the land. Another example of the burgeoning political evolution and maturity.
The nation of Somaliland continues to offer its people equal access when it comes to political association and aspiration of its people to reach the highest office in the land avails every election cycle.
With this political maturity have come the perils that you would expect with a nascent nation. From the top – the candidates to the lower level political operatives has come a certain overzealous eagerness to grab headlines. An overarching need to come out top on the daily event of the day. The campaign has taken an ugly after ugly turn as the parties continue to take their message to the masses.
The ruling party have resorted to bringing up a very dark chapter in the history of Somaliland, leaving the opposition party the accusation was directed at to levy a similar retort at the ruling party. The accusations and counter accusation have turned for the worst and it seems the ruling party have opened a Pandora’s box which with their shortsightedness could very well come back to bite them in the rear.
The nation needs these parties and the promise they hold of change and challenges of what is to come. These candidates offer new ideas and new ways of delivering to the people the promise of better days ahead for all three candidates are new. The ruling  party seems to have forgotten that and are trying tired, worn out and rehashed ideas that should have consigned to the ash heap of history a long time ago. We can only hope for the best. Insha Allah khayr.  The nation expects the worst but hopes for the best. What will the ruling party try next?  Watch this space but don’t be shocked. The nation can do better and it is time for change.