Somaliland: One-day Internship and Apprenticeship Consultative workshop Held

A one day conference on internship and apprenticeship was today held at the Ambassador hotel.

The Somaliland Internship and apprenticeship consultative workshop was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Higher learning, Spark and Shaaqodon organization.

Representatives of Somaliland Ministry of Education and Higher learning unveiled a detailed report on the challenges faced by local graduates while looking for jobs upon completion of their studies.

Mr. Abdiqani Diriye, a representative of Shaqoodon organization speaking at the workshop said, “Shaqoodon is a local non-profit organization that designs, delivers and evaluates innovative programs to address some of the local most urgent issues such as preparing local graduates for the look job market.

“On the other hand, most local graduates find it hard to find employment when they finish their education, so our NGO will continue to prepare and link graduates with the local business community, other potential employers and over and above encourage the youth to inculcate an entrepreneurial culture, he said.

Mohamed Hussein Dhabeeye, the director general in the Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs speaking during the occasion said, “The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs offers various packages meant to assist local graduates find jobs.

Dr. Mohamed Yusuf, the director general in the Ministry of Education and Higher Learning while addressing the participants of the workshop said, “The report was gathered from all six regions of the country.

Mr. Mubarak Yusuf Aar, the chancellor of Beder University speaking at the function said, “The challenges which face most graduates finding work in the local job markets is because most of them aren’t well prepared or lack the skills required for employment.

Mr. Mahmoud Harbi, the deputy chairman of the Civil Service commission said, “One of the challenges faced by the Civil Service commission is the interference by top government officials in hiring unqualified workers , I urge them to stop employing workers without informing us, it’s our job as  an independent government agency to sought and verify the qualifications of potential employees , as I informed  Mr. Ahmed Essa of Head of Spark International projects office that we shall continue working hand in hand with the Ministry of Education and higher learning in preparing graduates for the job markets and by doing so we can stop them from Tahrib.

Mr. Mohamed Abdi Mahmoud Awowe, representing the Ministry of education, Higher learning department said, “This report comes as a follow up of similar meeting held in 2013 whereby statistics on employment in a UNFPA Report was presented.

The one day workshop attracted the various stakeholders in the higher education sector including representatives from Beder , Hargeisa , Admas, Golis and other universities.

It is also where information related to youth and conditions of different regions where the proposed head of planning at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Abdirashid Aideed we report that there are grounds caring bunch, but on the other there are many options available as there are stadiums in ciyaarilahaayeen and Like many regional construction Borama, Berbera and Burao.

It should be noted the report of the Ministry of Education in particular, the office of statistics collected and gathered information from interviewing more than 523 people of those 47% would like to learn about the University 30% Camuuud, 9% Golis, 7 & Admas, 6% thou University and 2% New-Generation.

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