Speaking in Chatham House Africa on democratic development in the continent, Raila odinga stated his personal support for the recognition of Somaliland as independent state.

“I personally strongly support the recognition of Somaliland as independent state,” he said.

The Kenyan opposition leader has welcomed Somaliland’s independence,throws his weight behind Somaliland’s right for self-determination and endorses its gallant efforts to gain an international recognition from the world. Kenya’s former prime minister Raila Odinga and the chairperson of The Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) alliance has officially asserted that Somaliland has fulfilled all criteria for becoming a state.

Mr. Odinga has made a keynote speech at the Chatham House focusing on the significance of Democracy in Africa has rallied behind the Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, saying he is not aware of Donald Trump having any policy on Africa. The former Prime Minister and current opposition leader says that he personally is in favor of Somaliland’s efforts to secede from Somalia and further lamented that he pushes for Somaliland’s recognition.

Speaking at an event at London international affairs think tank Chatham House on Friday, Odinga said that he was hopeful that Clinton would become the country’s first female president. He affirmed that Hillary’s main rival has no policy towards Africa. Mr. Odinga has said that he hopes that Hillary will become the First US woman president while three presidents are in power in the African states. The support that Somaliland received from Raila Odinga will add weight to SL’s case in search of an international recognition.