Somalia: Former Mogadishu mayor blasts Somali President, leaders in radio message

The former mayor of Mogadishu who also used to be Banadir Regional Commissioner, Mohamud Ahmed Tarsan decided to send messages of critic and advices to the Somali president and the leaders of the government through the media.

Seemingly, he was provoked by recent speech of the president saying the first enemy to the government is Al-shabaab while the critics of the government are the second big enemy.

While both can agree that Al Shabab is their common enemy, Tarzan took umbrage with the latter saying “The president said our number one enemy is Al Shabab while our critics are the second biggest enemy. Those who would honestly advise him (President Mohamud) whether his government is doing the right or wrong thing are our enemies.”

He argued that the honest critics are not our enemies, they are fulfilling their civic duty; but rather it is the country’s leaders who are absent minded. “You’re unaware, we are sober; so we’ll tell you when you’re wrong. This is not an insult, criticism is not an insult.”

Tarzan vented that he had no other choice but to voice his grievances over the radio because the country’s leadership is inaccessible.

“There is no other channel through which we can communicate to you, you only surround yourself with yes-men. Therefore we have to address you on the radio. Do not consider us your enemies. If you build this country, I swear to Allah that I will be the first to support you.”

Tarzan opined that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s leadership has failed the Somali people by doing too little with his time in office.

“You are doing nothing for this nation; you are too busy with yourself. You don’t think of this nation. You constantly remind us that we have developed as a nation but can you name a school that you have built. Is there a primary school you have constructed? Have you provided clean water to communities? How long have you been in office? Expired medicine and food is being imported into the country. What have you done about it?”

He was referencing a recent report that the WFP had delivered contaminated food to Mogadishu that was destined for drought affected areas. The shipment was seized by Somali authorities.

Tarzan warned government leaders that their office is there to serve the Somali people and they should not mislead the nation. He cautioned that the majority of Somali people have begun to lose faith in the leadership.

The former mayor reminded them that when it gets to that point, it is best for leaders to resign from their position.