Somalia: Five hundred Somalis will be forcibly sent out from Norway

The Norwegian government is in the process of finishing a return agreement with Somalia, according to what NRK news  knows. The agreement will open up for about 500 Somalis being forcibly send out of the country.

On Friday, there has been several political meetings with the delegation of ministers from Somalia. Some of the topics they discussed with the Norwegian government are migration and return, the department says in an email to NRK news.

Foreign affairs minister Børge Brende(H) met the Somalian foreign affairs minister Abdusalam Omer, during the Nordic-African foreign affairs meeting on Friday.

The leader of the Somalian network, Bashte Muuse, who also is a city councilor of the Labor Party in Oslo municipal, tells the channel he is shocked.

– In the southern part of Somalia, it is particularly unsafe. We know that in some counties, the terrorist group Al Shabaab controls 60-70%. That is why it is said that the safety of the individual is decided, when they are being returned to Somalia.

In 2015, 516 people from Somalia searched for asylum in Norway, according to UDI. So far this year, 78 asylum seekers have arrived from the country.


Source: NTN scanpix / Norway Today