Somaliland: DP World Executives express their Satisfaction during Familiarization tour of the port of Berbera

Visiting Top of Dubai World Ports Group Executives on a Familiarization tour of the port of Berbera

Sultan Ahmed Bin Suleiman, the chairman of Dubai World Ports Group, leading a high level delegation earlier today arrived in at the Berbera International Airport, visiting the country on a fact finding tour DP World is Somaliland chosen partner to develop and manage the strategic regional port of Berbera.

Upon their arrival in Berbera, the Dubai World Ports Group delegation was received the managing Director of Berbera Ports Authority Eng. Ali Omer Mohamed (Ali Hor Hor) who accompanied the visiting DP delegation on a familiarization tour of the port facilities, which was followed by a joint meeting, which took place inside the Berbera Ports Authority MD office.

During the presiding meeting the managing Director of Berbera Ports Authority Eng. Ali Omer Mohamed (Ali Hor Hor) briefed the visiting delegation on the history of the port, past and present status and the future prospects by DP World to develop and manage the strategic port as a regional hub.

Eng. Ali Omer Mohamed (Ali Hor Hor), soon after emerging from a closed door meeting, the two sides held a joint press conference said, “I am honored, to be in the company of my fellow brother Sultan Ahmed Bin Suleiman, the chairman of Dubai World Ports Group, although for me not for the first, second, third or fourth such meeting togerher, but the first time such meeting here in Somaliland.

“My Brethren, Sultan Ahmed Bin Suleiman and the delegation he is heading are currently visiting the country on a fact finding tour, which will entrench and strengthen our bonds to cooperate in the development and boost the future prospects of the port, but also most importantly to eliminate any reservations which may exist”, Eng. Ali said.

Sultan Ahmed Bin Suleiman, the chairman of Dubai World Ports Holdings speaking during the press conference said, “First and foremost, I would like to thank Eng. Ali Omer Mohamed (Ali Hor Hor), the Managing Director who deserves the utmost praise, as a person of prestige but also for sharing his expertise as a capable person tasked with running the port of Berbera.

During our familiarizations tour of the various facilities at the port of Berbera , we realized the strategic importance of port as a regional hub of trade not to mention impeccable service at hand offered by the team of dedicated staff who ran and manage the daily duties at the port. We (The Dubai Ports World Group)are truly honored to be the chosen partner, tasked with developing and managing such a vital regional port facility.

DP World chairman thanked to Somaliland government for their welcome and disclosed his commitment of continuation of memorandum of understanding signed with SL government.

He said “DP World made a historic agreement on behalf of the Emirates when we signed the MoU between the government of United Arab Emirates and the government of Somaliland. We have more governments during the visit of the president. We have more governments agreed to cooperate and views this operation of development of port of Berbera into a port of free zone and logistic park as the first step and too many projects Insha Allah will happen between the government UAE government t, the private sector and the government of Somaliland and the people.”

DP World chairman added “We feel now more comfortable now knowing people who know the business are already there.”

He expressed that they have an experience and capacity to carry out the extending the ports. “I believe that the strategic location of Berbera port is good, the connectivity to Ethiopia is very good the growth and Ethiopia will demand more facilities. The free zone I think is going to be attractive. We have over thirty years of experience in developing a free zone and Insha Allah,if God willing , we hope to share the our wide knowledge and the expertise with you here,” said Sultan Ahmed Bin Suleiman .

On his part Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation of Somaliland Dr. Sacad Ali Shire, elaborated that the deal has been signed by his government and DP World was pleminary deal but the final draft of agreement is scheduled to finalize the between june and july in this year.

This agreement is opening new chapter to gaining foreign investment by Somaliland, said the minister. Further he outlined this deal should enhance to create job opportunities to youth of the country.

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