Somaliland: New Riot Control Police Unit Set Up

A new riot control police unit to control, disperses, and arrest people who are involved in a riot, demonstration, or protest has being set up this was revealed by the Major General Abdullahi Iman Fadal, commander of Somaliland police force.

Major General Abdullah Iman Fadal speaking during the inaugural ceremony of the new anti-riot unit at the police headquarters said, “I am happy, to see Somaliland police has for the first time ever raised a properly trained and equipped Anti-Riot Unit equipped with state of art gears, including helmets and shields, are used for protection by the police and vehicles for the unit.

“This anti- Riot Police Unit is the first such unit specifically trained to deal with would be protesters and riot control”, Major General Abdullahi Iman Fadal said.

The police boss further added, “Officers who are trained under this unit are equipped with specialised skills to … and discipline not for riot control purpose but also to protect lives and reduce damage to both public and property’s during riots.

After a number of failures to counter mob agitations during the last one decade, the quarters concerned have realized the need to set up a specialized unit.