Somalia, Egypt seek new military cooperation, joint development

Somalia and Egypt moved to revive their joint defense corporation which ceased to exist in 1991s after warlords overthrew Somalia’s central government, in a drive to boost Somali army shattered by decades of conflict in the horn of Africa nation.

Egypt earlier announced that they are willing to train the Somali army and coast guards in 2012, saying that the war-torn horn of Africa nation was facing mounting challenges including regaining territory from militants.

Many countries including Turkey, US and European Union have provided support to the Somali army which showed signs of recovery.

However, the Egyptian government which also faces challenges by militants now appears to be joining a new push to help Somali army’s rebuilding, with a visiting Egyptian delegates held talks with Somalia’s top army brass, assuring of greater support for Somalia to strengthen defense corporations by the two sides.

“Egypt is a major partner of Somalia, and during our meetings we have discussed about the revival of the warm relations and defense corporations between the two countries.” said Brig. Gen. Mohamed Aden, Somalia’s army chief at a press conference in Mogadishu on Monday.

Once mighty, Somalia’s army destroyed by decades old conflict is rebuilding on the backdrop of the rising power of the Al-Shabab group
which continue to carry out attacks across the country, a challenge they would have to overcome.

Somalia’s government still heavily relies on support by the African Union forces as the country’s fresh army, largely made up of former
militiamen and new recruits are still unable to assume the country’s security.

The horn of Africa nation which is recovering from decades of war is struggling to defeat the Al-Qaeda linked Al Shabab group which
continues guerrilla attacks across large parts of south and central Somalia.