Somalia: Al Shabaab Briefly Seizes Army Base, Kills Soldiers

Al shabaab says it has taken “complete control” of the Somali National Army (SNA) camp in Laanta Buuro village in lower Shabelle region and killed more than 74 soldiers.

Reports say heavily armed Al-Shabaab militants have launched overnight the strategic town of Laanta Buuro, some 90Kms north-west of Mogadishu and engaged heavy exchange of fire with SNA forces.

Al shabaab said in a statement published pro-militants websites, they seized 10 military pick-up trucks during the attack on SNA base in Laanta Buuro village.

Somali troops, backed by AMISOM soldiers have regained control of the base on Monday morning without a resistance after Al shabaab pulled out of the village after hours of control, according to residents.

The militants lectured the residents publicly after their seizure, urging them to discontinue supporting the federal government of Somalia and the African Union forces known as AMISOM.