Somalia: Puntland & Ethiopia to work together in fight against al-Shabaab

Somalia’s autonomous state of Puntland and Ethiopia pledged to step up high-level of cooperation in the fight against al-Shabaab terrorists as Puntland security forces made huge process in the battle against the militants

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali, who is on an official visit to Addis Ababa, met Ethiopia’s military chief and head of the intelligence agency.

In an interview with the BBC Somali Service, Mr Ali said that they discussed on ways to closely cooperate in the fight against the al-Qaeda-linked extremists.

‘’We discussed on how to fight against al-Shabaab, which is our common enemy. We hope that they will support us.’’

Over the past four days, Puntland has been fighting against al-Shabaab militants in the Northern remote coastal villages.

The Ethiopian troops in Somalia have played a major role in driving Al Shabab out of several strongholds since formally joining the peacekeeping mission in January 2014.

Last week, Puntland President strongly insisted that his forces have the capability of defeating the militants without the deployment of foreign combat troops.