Somalia: Detained illegal fishing vessel escapes Northern Somalia Port

A foreign illegal fishing vessel with unknown number of Iranian fishermen on-board has escaped from Bosaso port in the Northern autonomous Puntland region of Somalia where it was being held, Horseed Media reports.

The unidentified boat, was one of the five illegal fishing trawlers captured by the Puntland Maritime Police Forces off coast Puntland waters last week for illegally fishing.

According to sources, the vessel took off Friday mid night after its guards left the area briefly. Bosaso port guards fired warning shots at the boat but it managed to flee.

Puntland officials have declined to clearly comment on the reason behind the escape of the detained boat and fishermen awaiting trial.

The autonomous region has launched a major crackdown on the illegal fishing vessels in its waters over the past few weeks, capturing at least eight vessels with over 150 crew members.

Illegal, Unreported, and Unregulated fishing activities have reached at their highest peak in the horn of Africa nation waters.