Somaliland: “A Divided Cabinet And A Poor Foreign Policy Are The Recipe Of Silanyo’s Regime.” Say Abdi Haibe

Veteran politician Mr. Abdi Haibe Mohammed, who at the present is a member of the opposition National Party (WADANI) and once served as a minister in the former president Rayale administration  said that the current leadership of H. E Ahmed Mohammed,  Mohammud (Silanyo) has fared worse in government protocol, International recognition seeking for Somaliland.

The opposition politician who is among the early founders of the ruling party Kulmiye stated that the former administration of president Rayale was better in many aspects. Speaking the Horn Newspaper he confirmed that the government has failed to offer any help to famine stricken residents  of Hawd region. He went on to reveal that no tangible development projects have been initiated in Hawd province.

“This government whose term of office is less than a couple of months has failed us remarkably when it appoints  a committee at the eleventh hour to seek recognition for Somaliland. When you are looking for international recognition you have to appoint internationally acclaimed lawyers to fight for your plight, but when the government names a group of idlers just basking in Hargeisa to represent Somaliland quest is a stab in the back to the aspiration of the  people  of Somaliland. This is a proof that president Silanyo’s foreign policy has failed miserably.” The Old school politician said.

He went on to say that the Minister of  interior Mr. Ali Mohammed Waran’ade  has  just  been reduced to a symbol  because most of his work is done by the Minister of Finance Mrs. Zamzam Abdi  Adam, she also in charge of the water  Ministry and Relief Coordination.

“During president Rayale time Minister worked as a team, but now everyone for himself they are divided as ever.” Mr. Abdi Haibe confirmed.

Speaking about voters’ registration he had this to say “We have to work tirelessly so that everybody receives the voter’s card so that they can participate in the forthcoming elections.”

He added that the Turkish government is not an impartial mediator and so should not be allowed to open a consulate in Hargeisa.

“Turkey is opposed to Somaliland recognition so I don’t  see why it should be allowed to open a consulate in Hargeisa.

Pertaining Hawd region,  he said” People of Hawd region and their livestock are suffering from a severe drought many of their animals have been affected by diseases. Several camels and sheep have been diagnosed with a certain ailment so I urge the Ministry of Livestock and Industry to tour the region and give the necessary assistance.”

“It seem as if the Hawd region has been sanctioned by this  Kulmiye led government be it development of infrastructure or drilling of bore holes have all been neglected by this administration.”

“There are no police presence in Hawd as some of Ethiopia zone five police known as New Police cross 20 kilometres into Somaliland border to terrorize residents that would not happen if Somaliland police were present.”