Somaliland-Ethiopian Senior Official Consultative Meeting Kicks-Off in Berbera

The trade and international investment minister of Somaliland flanked by an Ethiopian delegation laid the foundation stone of long awaited Berbera Corridor project in a ceremony held in the port city of Berbera on Saturday.

The project is a part of a road that will link Berbera port to Wajale, a town that links Somaliland to Ethiopia and which is a trade hub between the two neighboring countries.

Ethiopia, a landlocked country in the Horn of Africa has recently announced to use Berbera port for its import and export. The country mainly is dependent to Djibouti and South Sudan ports for its import and export.

The major inauguration which saw the attendance of ministerial level delegation from Somaliland and Ethiopian delegation is expected to see the growth of the trade and economy of both countries.

Somaliland and Ethiopia shares trade and security bilateral ties which is the interest of both countries.

Somaliland officials flanked by Ethiopian delegation attended a consultative meeting which will focus on the discussion of trade talks between the two delegations which opened in Berbera.

Since late 2013, TAF has provided advisory support to the Government of Somaliland on key issues around the trade negotiations with Ethiopia. TAF will also soon launch a grant to support Ethiopia in building its negotiating capacity, with a special focus on regional agreements and the ongoing WTO accession process.