Somaliland: Minister of Aviation receives Ambassador of Turkey to Somalia/Somaliland

Osman Abdilahi Sahardid aka “Adani”  Minister of Civil Aviation received Ambassador Olgan Bekar, Turkey’s ambassador to Somalia at the Ministry of Aviation premises on Sunday.

The Turkish ambassador to Somalia was flanked by Turkish consular to Somalilad, Musafefer Yuksel during the meeting with Somaliland minister for Civil Aviation.

Turkey has pledged to provide training assistance to Somaliland airport workers and the building of brand new terminal at Hargeisa airport.

Turkey will implement a new tower that will direct planes landing and taking off from Somaliland .

The minister for Civil Aviation has stressed that Somaliland will not accept the handover of ICAO when it comes to the administration of Somalia’s airspace.

Mr. Adani, SL’s Civil Aviation minister makes clear that they are in favor to the agreement reached in Turkey by Somaliland and Somalia president when it comes to the administration of Somalia’s airspace.

It is agreed that Turkish airline set to launch flights to Somaliland. On the other hand, The minister and Turkish consular to Somaliland saw off at Egal airport the Turkish delegation that visited Somaliland and was headed  by the chairman of Turkish parliamentary committee on foreign affairs.


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