Somaliland: Burao Bajaj Taxi Drivers Protest

BURAO–Drivers of bajaj, three wheeled taxis, in Burao town, hold a peaceful protest on Sunday, February 14, 2016.

The demonstration lasted for hours and reports indicate that no casualties are reported as far as the situation is concerned.

The drivers of bajaj have held the protests after the local council and regional security committee issued a statement barring all drivers without a license are not allowed to drive.

The regional security committee in conjunction with local council have also stated that drivers of bajaj cannot drive under the age of 20.

The protesters have disrupted the follow of traffic in the town as long as the protests continue for hours.

The demonstrators used old tyres to light bonfires on the road.

However, the town administration dispersed the protesters as they did not have a permit to stage a protest making it illegal.

Burao regional police have stated that some of the drivers who staged the protest are in police custody.

Transport authority, local council and Togder regional security have made the move to prevent from series of accidents blamed for the reckless driving of bajaj.