Somaliland: Gunmen spray bullets at El Gardi Port

Unknown assailants on early Saturday launched an attack at El Gardi port where construction was ongoing at the time of the raid. The gunmen sprayed bullets from automatic weapons to tractors, bulldozers and vehicles that were at El Gardi.

According to a businessman, Faisal Haji Yusuf confirmed that there are no human casualties in the aftermath of the raid. But there are properties that have been badly damaged in the attack. Tension remains high when it comes to El Gardi residents who are mobilizing themselves in order to retaliate the attack. Somaliland authority has not spoken of the incident as far as El Gardi attack is concerned.

Somaliland government is blamed for not doing all it can to prevent the raid to happen as it was aware of the recent tension that was taking place in El Gardi.