Somalia: seeks help of international experts in investigating Plane explosion

Somalia’s Federal government has moved to seek the help of international experts in investigating the reasons behind the explosion of a passenger plane while in mid-flight, Horseed Media reports.

Flight D3159 of Daallo airlines carrying 74-passengers made an emergency landing in Mogadishu airport shortly after take-off when a blast blew a big hole at the fuselage. One passenger died after falling off from the plane and two others sustained injuries.

The decision was announced by the Minister of Transportation and Civil Aviation Mr Ali Jama Jangeli in the weekly-cabinet meeting held in Mogadishu on Thursday.

Mr Jangeli briefed the cabinet on the preliminary investigations of the Daallo airlines and reiterated on the need of international experts to find out the real causes of the explosion.

According to the captain of the plane who spoke to international media, the cause of the damage was due to a bomb explosion.

On the same day of the incident, Somali government and Daallo airlines officials strongly claimed that it was the oxygen tank that exploded and ruled out the possibility of a bomb explosion.