Somaliland: Sultan Wabar’s APLF Members return to Somaliland

Members of APLF) have today officially being integrated into Somaliland National Defense Forces.

A ceremony held at Abuqays for the returning and receiving of soldiers of APLF. It locates in the border between Ethiopia and Somaliland.

It is just nearby Borama, Awdal’s provincial capital.

Awdal regional governor, Ramaah, former Somaliland vice president, Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, traditional elders and other guests were in attendance.

They stated that the insurgency has come to an end by peaceful means. This also bring to an end the hit and run operations conducted by soldiers loyal to Sultan Wabar.

This also left behind death and taking away gov’t vehicles in the region.

A Sultan who attended the ceremony has told that Sultan Wabar has left the country and has returned to North America before he was crown as traditional leader.

Sultan Wabar who headed the insurgency against Somaliland gov’t which he accused that the current leadership has failed to give Awdal residents what they were entitled.

More than 70 soldiers have surrendered to Somaliland army and have given up their insurgency.

The returning soldiers are expected to be given military training before they will be integrated into the national army.

This comes after the government has opened talks with the insurgency leaders who have agreed to denounce their insurgency and return home safely.

Somaliland and Ethiopia have recently ratified a seccurity pact which stipulates that both countries will not harbor insurgents in their territories.

Ethiopia apprehended members of APLF soldiers after the agreement was signed and ordered that Sultan Wabar who went into hiding into her soil to leave her territory.