Somaliland: Parliament Rejects Government plan to Privatize Berbera Fuel Dacility Storage

Somaliland Lower house of parliament (Representatives) today rejected a privatization plans which the gov’t led by Ahmed Silanyo regime intends to allow the Fuel Facility Storage in Berbera be taken over by private fuel importing companies in Somaliland. The parliament session which was held at the parliamentary premises saw the attendance of 55 members of the house of SL national assembly.

40 members have voted in favor of rejecting the move to hand over the country’s only state run Fuel Facility Tank in Berbera. Deputy Parliament speaker Mr. Bashe Mohamed Farah flanked by members of the parliament who staunchly supporting the motion to handover the facility storage walked out of the parliament premises. Parliament speaker Hon. Abdirahman Irro flanked by Second Deputy speaker chaired the session.