Somaliland: President Silanyo Attends Amoud University Graduation Ceremony

Somaliland President His Excellency, Ahmed M. M. Silanyo has left for Borama, Awdal provincial capital today while some of his cabinet ministers accompany him.

Upon arrival, the President has attended the fourteen batch of Amoud university ceremony graduates  who completed territory education. This is the fifth attendance that president Silanyo attended during his first five year tenure.


The Head of State has delivered an encouragement speech and revealed that Amoud is historic place for both the nation and the public.

The president has sent congratulatory message to the chancellor, Amoud management, professors, students and pledged to cooperate when it comes to the quality of education in Somaliland.

Amoud president, Suleiman has said that the university has been ranked as the number one in Somali speaking territory.

He urged the 863 graduating students to protect and preserve Amoud’s name as  a high quality institution.

Finally, President A. Silanyo has presented Degrees to the graduating students.

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