Somalia: Government and Parliament says not ready to hold national elections in 2016

Somalia has ruled out the possibility of holding national elections across the country in the coming year, 2016.

The decision was announced jointly by the country’s Parliament Speaker Mohamed Osman Jawari and Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid after a session was held in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

Delivering his speech, Prime Minister Sharmarke insisted that there are many challenges that make impossible for one-person-one-vote elections to be held across the country.

He called for a high-level consultative meeting between the Federal government and regional administrations to discuss on ways holding elections.

Since last year, speculations have been going around over the possibilities of holding national elections across the country. Some sources revealed that the government was planning to ask the parliament to extend its mandate for a further two years.

International Community has also urged Somalia leaders to work on holding peaceful and credible elections across the country.

In May, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud ruled out the possibility of holding national elections in the country. He was elected in 2012 by the Federal Parliament following the first peaceful elections held in the country for more than three decades.