Hargeisa Stadium gets artificial turf laid to complement Dahabshiil revamp

Thanks to the efforts of the Somaliland ministry for Sports, the largest soccer stadium in Hargeisa came up top grinning with pleasure following the completion of artificial turf laid to cover its old, battered, sandy –  and much often muddy – surface.

The turf complimented a total revamp of the structure, dressing rooms, seats, VIP Tribune, that was commissioned out and completed in 2012 by Dahabshiil Group which sunk in a hefty package of more US$ 125 000.

Inspecting the last touches made to the turf-laying, the Minister for Sports AA Kahin, called on the business community to help complete the finishing touches to the Stadium to truly bring it to the forefront of other soccer stadiums in the region.

In both the structural rehabilitation of the stadium and the turf-laying, Habboon Construction won the bid.

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