Somalia: President meets British, Swedish ambassadors

Federal Government of Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has met with British and Swedish ambassadors to Somalia on Monday, Garowe Online reports. The separate meetings with Britain’s Neil Wigan and Swedish envoy Mikael Lindvall focused on the country’s framework for action, and support for the Mogadishu-based nascent institutions.

After Tories landslide victory, Wigan handed over a letter reassuring Somalia of British Prime Minister, David Cameron’s commitment to a bilateral understanding based on cooperation, support and rebuilding.

He said, UK wants to provide financial support for the establishment of united and strong national army. Meanwhile, in another meeting, Swedish Ambassador reiterated that the European country would assist Somalia in political development and security sector.

Lindvall welcomed the recent endorsement of three national-level commissions-Electoral Board, Boundary committee and Judicial Service commission by federal cabinet.