Somaliland: State Congratulations Cameron on UK Election Triumph

It reiterates her commitments to SL- Ethiopia bilateral accords

By M.A. Egge

The government has sent a congratulatory message to the British premier on the occasion of his re-election following that country’s historical election results.

It at the same time reiterated its commitments to pacts and accords reached with Ethiopia.

This was said by the FM Hon. Mohammed Bihi Yonis who spoke to us through telephone while at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where he met the Ethiopian treasury chiefs.

“We congratulate the Premier Cameron for his Conservationist party’s triumph in their just ended elections”, said Hon. Bihi.

When probed by our reporter as to whether the in-coming coalition-less new British government would have some impact as far as SL-UK relations and affairs are concerned, the foreign minister veered away.

“We can’t venture into that now apart from congratulating them”, he quipped.

He said that the smooth electioneering process of the UK went impeccably well and that SL had something to learn from it.

Meanwhile, the FM met with Ethiopian Finance and Economic Development Minister Ahmed Sufiyan and helg lengthy discussions.

In the courtesy call he paid Hon. Sufiyan, he was accompanied by SL ambassador to Ethiopia Mr. Ayanle Salad Derie while his host was flanked with the country’s state finance minister Ahmed Shide.

Hon. Sufiyan reiterated the fact that his government was committed to make maximum and extensive use of the Berbera corridor.

While booth ministers widely discussed bilateral relations of both countries, they largely dwelt on the development of Berbera as a port.

On his part, Hon. Bihi re-assured Ethiopia of this country’s adherence to its commitments and honouring all accords reached with her neighbor.

Ehtiopia and SL has had several pacts on the energy, commercial, transport and security sectors and bilateral relations.