The conspiracy to derail Federalism in Somalia

Ever since the world fed up on the prolonging civil war and anarchy in Somalia, International community along with Somali leaders came up with a system “Federalism”, a scheme that can put up Somalia despite the hatred and division inherited from the civil war.

After widespread consultations with Somali politicians and experts, joint efforts was made to erect transitional federal government mandated to pave a way for friendly environment in which regional administrations can come up, who will later form Central Federal Government that can bring back political, economic and social stability in Somalia.

Despite criticism, fortunately the Federal system had found a way in Somalia, creating hope for the formation of would-be federal states in which law and order can be restored at the grass root level.

Somailia’s Transitional Federal Government led by Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Shiekh Sharif Shiekh Ahmed have willingly taken a milestone steps towards implementing the agreed system {Federal System} which was believed could lead Somalia into a governance in the face of over two decade civil war.

Through the leadership of President Shiekh Sharif Shiekh Ahmed and Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gaas, Somalia has exited transition tenure, moving the country into more legitimate, powerful government called “The Federal Government of Somalia’’.

During that time, Somali people whom I’m one of them were buoyant, optimistic, hopeful that Somalia has once again stood on its feet in view of the fact that President for federal republic of Somalia was elected in competitive ballot voting in Somalia’s war ravaged capital city “Mogadishu”.

Somalia has again slipped into despair, a man along with selfish political sect “Damul Jadid” has sparked in Villa Somalia, Somalia’s state house that many Somalis died with a single mission “To elevate Somali flag” after the collapse of the powerful Siad Bare’s regime.

Hassan Shiekh Mohamud is now the president of the Federal Government of Somalia, a man whose religious sect’s agenda contradicts Somalia people’s agreed scheme  “Federalism”. Hassan has now begun warfare, unfortunately not one to take Somalia forward but backward, one to fight and derail Federal System in Somalia.

Exercising authority that was given to him to take Somalia at least a step forward, Hassan Shiekh has done everything he could to disrupt and derail the first upcoming federal state, Jubbaland. The president had reached to an extent he armed a local militia to fight against the fragile interim administration led by Ahmed Madobe which has just moved Al-shabab out of Kismayu.

However, Jubbaland has penetrated every possible obstacle Hassan Shiekh has put to derail its lifeline, leaving Hassan Shiekh in total disappointment and been forced to support it.

The second upcoming Federal State  “South West” faced that same wrath of Damul-Jadid, but fortunately has done best to overcome any obstacle from Villa Somalia leaving Hassan Shiekh forced again to write statement to support the formation of South-West State.

But this time, as the Federal system in Somalia gets more performing in the country, the President and the group has made “Change in tactics”, thinking the new tactic may work best and portray negative view from Federalism.

The tactic is to send signal, showing the world a support for further state formations but with a hidden agenda of making boundaries tensions and renewed clan clashes to convince the world it’s the aftermath of Federalism in Somalia. To polarize, The President has called  the formation of a regional state in Mudug and Gal-gudud, knowing the fact that most part of Mudug region {Western Mudug} has formed administration and united with Puntland close two decades ago.

Speaking to Voice of America Somali Service, I heard a local clan elder called Suldan Abdiranasir Jama Seed saying “The President has ordered us to form state comprising of Mudug and Gal-gudud since the constitution legitimizes two or more regions to form a federal member state.”  While in Cadado, the venue of formation convention of would-be state in Gal-gudud, President Hassan has in clear and loud voice said that Mudug region will form a new regional administration with Gal-gudud, not a month long after his government’s executive branch leading Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke signed a accord with Puntland, affirming the upcoming state will comprise of Southern Mudug and Gal-gudud.

Many Somali ask whether the President is uninformed of Mudug or willingly ignoring the large part of Mudug region which comes under Puntland. Many Political analysts accuse the President of planning to blow up clan infighting in Mudug thus reflect negative perspective of federalism.

Puntland has been established close to two decades ago and has played remarkable role in forming Somali government and peace building process in Somalia. As clan tensions prevails in Central Somalia, clashes that may shed the blood of many more Somalis is possible, which can deliver the current Federal government President’s mission of derailing Federalism in Somalia. The President was quoted saying “ I did not supported Federalism.”

The President of Somalia Hassan Shiekh Mohamud has clearly  failed in implementing what he was mandated with

  • With a peaceful and stable policy, implement Federal system in the country
  • Liberate the country from Al-shabab
  • To create possible and smooth environment for general “One Person One Vote” elections.

The country is now crippling to doubtful destination and wandering around with no possible general elections in September 2016 when term of the current federal government expires.


Written By Hussein O. Hussein Islan (Hussein Islan), patriotic Somali Writer, political analyst, social media public figure.