Somaliland: Two UN Staff Killed After a Camel-Laden Lorry Collides with a FAO-Owned Pick-Up Truck

By Abdirisak Itaqile

yahye osman hirzi guled
The driver of the FAO pickup truck Yahye Osman Hirzi Guled was a senior official in United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). May Allah rest his soul in peace

At least 2 people were killed on Wednesday in an accident involving a pickup vehicle and a camel-laden lorry at a village near Aw Barkhadle town on the Hargeisa-Berbera road.

The lorry was transporting camels when it collided with a pickup vehicle owned by United Nation’s Food and Agricultural Agency- FAO, killing two including a Spanish national and the pickup driver.

An eye witness who was driving behind the camel-laden lorry has told Somaliland Monitor that the two trucks were involved in a head collision near Burcada yar Village, 30 kms east of Hargeisa, where the driver of the lorry and 2 other passengers escaped unscathed.

The dead FAO driver was identified as Yahye Osman Hirzi Guled while  the name of the Spanish national is still unknown.

Such was the impact that the FAO pickup vehicle was dragged for more than two hundred meters outside the road by the camel-laden lorry, which was reportedly traveling at full speed.

The two bodies  were transported to Hargeisa Group Hospital morgue where traffic police launched a full investigation into  the accident.

Somaliland is grappling with an upsurge in traffic accidents, and officials say the trend will likely continue unless the government puts in place measures to curtail them.

We will keep you updated for the latest developments of the accident.