Ethiopia: Dahabshiil’s Regional Representative Condemn Inhuman, Brutal Murder of Ethiopian Citizens

Dahabshiil Transfer Services Ltd. extends its deepest condolences to the government and people of Ethiopia, victims and their families for the killing of some 30 Ethiopian Christians in Libya by the terrorist attack and for the victims in South Africa, yesterday, here at its office.

Regional Representative to Dahabshiil Transfer Services Ltd. in Ethiopia, Ali Jama Guush said: “It is with great sorrow that we heard the shocking news of the inhuman and brutal murder of Ethiopian citizens in South Africa and the terrorist group, ISIS, in Libya.” Dahabshiil strongly condemns this inhuman act that was committed against innocent Ethiopian citizens, he added.

Guush also said that Dahabshiil strongly condemns all forms of terrorism and expresses its solidarity with the people and the government of Ethiopia as they grieve for their fellow citizens. According to him, Dahabshiil expressed deep grief for the loss of lives and extended sincere condolences to the families of the killed. On this pensive event, Dahabshiil would like to express its deep sympathy to the sorrowful families of the victims and the people of Ethiopia. In another development, the Government Communication Affairs Office said that as terrorism is an ordinary enemy that does not represent any religion and that it can happen anywhere, citizens have to return home and work instead of facing the risks of becoming victims of human traffickers.

 Ethiopia has been in the front line against terrorism for a number of years and been a leader in the fight against extremism and terrorism. Beyond its determination to prevent terrorism in Ethiopia, it has an active role to help respond to the terrorist activities of Al-Shabaab in neighbouring Somalia, elsewhere in the sub-region and internationally.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on all Ethiopians residing in Libya to contact the nearest Ethiopian Embassies in Cairo and Khartoum for assistance. The government is also contacting other stakeholders to help Ethiopian citizens leave Libya. The Ministry has received the strong condemnation of the killings from the AU, USA, Canada and several international organizations.