Developing Story:Thirteen Somali Remitances Closed Down In Kenya

Thirteen hawalas – informal money transfer services – have also been closed down. Somali remittances are widely used by Somalis who depend on relatives abroad as a cheap and quick means to receive money. Interior Minister Joseph Nkaiserry said the names of the individuals and hawalas had not yet been released.

  1. Amal Express Money Transfer
  2. Amana Money Transfer Limited
  3. Bakaal Express Money Transfer
  4. Continental Money Transfer Ltd
  5. Dahabshill Money Transfer Limited
  6. Flex Money Transfer Limited
  7. Hodan Global Money Remittance and Exchange Limited
  8. Iftin Express Money Transfer Limited
  9. Juba Express Money Transfer
  10. Kaah Express Money Transfer Ltd
  11. Kendy Money Transfer Limited P.O
  12. Tawakal Money Transfer Limited P.O.
  13. UAE Exchange Money Remittance Limited