USA:Online Chatter After NYC Terror Arrests: ‘Delete Her From Your Phone’

A New York woman arrested on terror charges was big news in the chat rooms of the online pro-jihad community, where female ISIS sympathizers warned each other to sever their own ties with the suspect, as evidenced by this exchange of messages obtained by ABC News:

“Hey did you hear sis got picked up by the kufar [unbelievers],” one message says.

“Which sis?” another responds.

“Sis Amtu Shaheed,” the first says.

“Subhanallah [Praise God] not her,” a third person says.

“Uh huh delete her from you[r] phone,” the first says.

The message are referring to Noelle “Amtu Shahid,” also known as Noelle Valentzas, an accused ISIS and al Qaeda sympathizer and Brooklyn mother arrested last week, along with another New York woman, for allegedly conspiring to carry out a terror attack in New York City.

Surce: ABC