COMESA members urged to Support Somalia

tate Members of Common Market East and Southern Africa (COMESA) have been urged to support the peace efforts in Somalia and the fight against Al Shabaab.

Addressing the 14th meeting of the COMESA council of Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gabre –Christos has pointed the threat Al Shabaab pose in the region and has called COMESA countries to unite the fight against the group.

“Terrorism threat posed by Al Shabaab is not only a problem of few countries but each one of us”, the Minister said.

The Minister also called COMESA countries to prioritize development programs on post conflict reconstruction through the trading for peace programs.

Somalia is expected to benefit the free trade between COMESA members  as the country rise from the dust.

Al Shabaab has been carrying deadly attacks in East Africa targeting African Countries who are part of AU troops in Somalia.