Somalia Lauds Saudi Arabia decision to ban import of charcoal

the illegal production and sale of charcoal

Somalia Ministry of Livestock and forestry Saed  Hassan has lauded Saud Arabia decision to ban importing charcoal from the war torn nation amid his government trying to stop the illegal business.

Speaking to the media Saed Hassan said “My government welcomes the decision which will save our environment that has been devastated for so many years by this unlawful business”.

The Minster has called other Gulf nations to follow the path of Saudi Arabia as it will help to end the illegal business.

The decision will be heartbreaking to the Mafia charcoal industry since 80% of Somali charcoal is imported to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia uses Somali Charcoal primarily luxury item and it is used for cooking particularly grilling .The charcoal is also used as heating source in restaurants, homes and during winter.

Since the collapse of the central government, Somalia has been haven for many environmentally destruction illegal activities such as toxic waste dumping and illegal fishing by international fishery enterprise.

Recently report released by UN indicates Kenyan troops colluding local brokers to facilitate the importation of the charcoal to Gulf States despite the UN ban.

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