The failed talks between Somaliland and Somalia in March 2015.

Somalia should end the hostility towards Somaliland by officially nullifying:

  • Parliamentarian seats hailing from Somaliland.
  • Cabinet members of the executive power hailing from Somaliland.
  • All other claims on the territorial integrity of Somaliland.

As long as they are sending “the so called representatives” from Somaliland territory in their government for the talks, it is an insult to Somaliland, to the nations hosting the talks and should be boycotted.

As for the last incident, however, the unlawful seats in their parliament and in their cabinet must be ended as a consequence and these conditions must be met before any talks can resume.

There is no free will to delay the talks on the political future of Somaliland. They should not forget that further delays shrinks the funding provided by the international community for peace building and security building goals as well as the cost of AMISOM troops in southern Somalia. The set back reminds the rhetoric lack of progress. The failed talks should push on questions like how long will the south entertain on the hefty overhead bill including lost of lives of the international peacekeepers.

In many occasions, without due regard for the suffering involved in the hands of the friendly nations, the very cost of life and material of the international community was portrayed with an image of a disastrous, failure, occupation, abuse, corruption, and in the end nothing but one that fuels the arguments of resentment.

The vision of 2016 was set to achieve and to materialize on the progress already on the way for southern Somali’s, at least to put their house in order. One should remind the agendas for the southern Somalia’s government that includes the creation of a Somali army that has never earned any grounds or gathered a mass whatsoever at least within its jurisdiction, accession of the capital of the regime which is volatile, setting the country’s fiscal budget, setting tax revenue for the government, and a stable government.

As for Somaliland, there will be no tolerance of wasting the time, energy and the future of millions of citizens by yet another phony cabinet with no recollection of where to begin or lead the talks. Somaliland has made clear time and again the only success for southern Somalia’s bright future is to reboot the political future by default of two separate states. Somaliland has made its house in order and will not destroy for what it has achieved for a fruitless unity of no purpose.

The true political purpose of the southern Somalia is to set timeline achievements for the simple Somali person on the street. That is to set its working domain on a clear time table of achievable objectives.

Ahmed A.