Somali town launches solar energy project

-In an attempt to reduce the skyrocketing electricity costs, Beledweyne, a town in central Somalia has launched a solar-power system on Wednesday, deploying solar panels across the city which sees a new progress through the new initiative.

Funded by the Norwegian government, the town’s administration inaugurated the program which aims covering the town’s electricity needs, a move that can contain the high electrical energy prices.

The first solar panel was deployed at the town’s main hospital to help the health facility to have unlimited power access, unlike the subscription electricity that often results in numerous blackouts.

“It’s going to be a good progress ending those terrible energy challenges we have experienced,” said Ahmed Mohamed Khalif, the director of the town’s hospital.

“Sometimes there would be a power failure in the middle of a critical surgery–it was dangerous.” He said.

The project which aims to characterize a better energy alternative for the town would install solar-powered posts across the town, giving an easy electricity access for the residents.

Despite the fact that the new project would chip away at the manipulative electricity businesses, yet it would help the poor families in the town to get an unlimited solar access.

Residents hailed the new investment that would likely end the expensive electricity system.