Somali Militants execute convicted witchcraf

Somalia:Al Shabaab seizes town from Somali government
Somalia:Al Shabaab seizes town from Somali government

the Al-Qaeda-linked militant group in Somalia executed a man on a charge of witchcraft, the latest brutal public execution by the group, residents said on Friday.

Al-Shabab judge found Abdiqadir Sh. Adam guilty of invoking magic, and sentenced him to be executed by firing squad in the south-western town of Diinsor on Friday, residents told HOL.

Hundreds of residents, including children watched the public execution at an open ground in the town.

Despite international condemnations, Al-Shabab often executes suspects after being found guilty at their ad-hoc courts.

The group which is fighting the African Union forces and Somalia government stepped up its guerilla attacks and bombings in the horn of Africa nation.