Djibouti leader calls Somalia bombings ‘foreign-funded conspiracy’

Attacks, bombings and assassinations have been an issue of mystery for Somalis, and very few could imagine beyond the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabab group, however, Djibouti’s president believes that foreign-funded conspiracy are to blame for attacks killing the country’s top leaders.

Mr. Ismael Guelleh accuses foreigners of playing a game with Somalia, by killing its valuable leaders in attacks, largely claimed by Al-Shabab group.

“Despite those killings, unity can stop such attacks and defeat the enemy.” Guelleh angrily said at his visit to Mogadishu on Saturday.

Mr. Guelleh’s remarks come one after suspected militants attacked a hotel frequented by government officials and politicians, killing at least 25 people and wounded 45. He didn’t blame a certain entity; however, he accentuated the importance of detecting foreign-funded conspiracies in the horn of Africa nation.

Al-Shabab claimed the responsibility for the latest hotel bombing, one of the most serious attacks in the city which is recovering from decades of war.

Source: HOL