SOMALILAND: The Secret Post – Orders of the Election Commission

By Yusuf Deyr

Bidding. But as a token of love to their honesty and sacrifice, they had offered to the present regime of Mr.Silanyo.

I hate getting older with mood swings but I have no choice. Three things happen when you get to my age. First your memory starts to go, and I have forgotten the other two. Give every man your ear but few your voice. As an octogenarian old man, I have learned lately that crying out peacefully in protest against an African politician, will accomplish nothing worthwhile. As they never grow up and always remain in their Toddling – Stage.

The human brain wonderful device. It starts working the moment the you are born, and never stops until you stand up to speak in public and speak all that trash like the false – monk, Mr.Samale.  Mr.Samale Marriage is an institution in which the man loses his bachelor’s degree and the woman gets her master’s degree. Because marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

As Somalilanders, far away in the sunshine are our aspirations. We may not reach them, but we can look up and see it’s beauty. Believe in it , and try to follow where it lead us to. For every beauty there is an eye somewhere to see it. For every truth there is an ear somewhere to hear it. For every love there is a heart somewhere to receive it. To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream of it. Not only plan, but also believe it. We like to be like an artist to draw freely upon our imagination.

Because imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, where as imagination embraces the entire World. Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. The feet may learn the steps, but only the soul can truly dance. Somalilanders are divided in to three groups. Those who make things to happen; and tend to make rules for others and exceptions for themselves; those who wonder how things happened, and stimulating progress and giving birth to evolution; and those who are the spectators of the tribunal stage like the Baligubadle community.

Baligubadle Community, If you want to be seen, stand up; if you want to be heard speak up. Dear reader, if you want to appreciate, just sit down like that miserable Baligubadle Community and watch the drama.

Dear reader, an insider in the Oval Office of Mr.Silanyo has tipped us privately that the nomination of the Chairman of the Election Commission was set on a specific and ambiguous conditions that was dictated by the Chairman of the house of elders, the Kulmiye Party, and the president of Somaliland, Mr.Silanyo. Every fool is aware as the Government has the majority of the Election Commission members. It has the upper hand to play with the rules as it desires. That is why it is dragging it’s feet to delay all election processes on the nod and wink of agreement to the present regime of Mr.Slanyo. But we, the serious Somalilanders of Somaliland, are all ears and eyes. Let the Election Commission know that the Somalilanders are more intelligent than they expect, and we are birds that have no respect for illegal boundaries and preplanned obstacles. The Election Commission are only, and only responsible for any mishandling, delay, or corruption of the election. As well as any disaster that occurs in relation to the outcome and result of the election. Bearing in mind that any impartiality to a particular group will stain and destroy your personal profile and the stigma will follow you forever, like it happened to Ciisa Cali Xamari. Remember, it is more preferable in legality terms to be a licensed public prostitute woman, rather than to be a married adulterate woman that mixes milk with water. Mr. Chairman, nothing is secret in this Electronic World of the Internet. Where there is no walls and fences. Who needs windows or gates? The public are fully aware, and have a wide picture about the secret Post – Orders of the Election Commission. Mr. Chairman, the priority of your selection is to destroy the Lion’s Den in retaliation to the injustices and high treason that was inflected to the Xaqsoor Party committed by that alien, coward, and delinquent Chairman called Ciisa Cali Xamari. Mr. Chairman, If raising children is going to be so easy. It would never have started with something called ” Labor “. If a man smashed a clock, could be convicted of killing time. Not necessarily true if the Clock struck him first. Corrupted politicians assume that public speaking is the art of diluting Two – Minutes idea with two hours vocabulary. The man who does not know himself, is a poor judge of the other fellow. It is your choice if you want to spread the Rift – Valley disease or not.

But we, the silent majority of Somaliland, are fully aware that you are assigned to mastermind the same high treason that was committed by your predecessor Ciisa Cali Xamari. But bear in mind that it is a heavy crime and a stigma that will follow you for the rest of your life, at the present generation and a generation to come. Please don’t do it. Don’t shoot yourself with your own hands. Suicide is a crime and a big sin in the Islamic rules and regulations. That is adding fuel to the present fire prepared by the present regime. Remember! If you plant seeds of injustices and corruption, it will grow to destroy all of us. It is not the pace of life that concerns us, it is the sudden stop at the end. I hate to say I told you, but I did.

Last month rotten eggs and expired commodity of sick gossip were dropped around the Ministry of finance, led by the false monk, Mr.Samale. The Electricity facility was given to the two fat ladies, Mr.Dahabshil and the Son of Aw Said. Without following the rules and regulations of Contract – Bidding. But as a token of love to their honesty and sacrifice, they had offered to the present regime of Mr.Silanyo. More disgustingly there is a rumour among the public that they were authorized to devoid the local currency of Somaliland Shilling and to accept only the American Dollar from their clients. That was the subject of talk in the TV and the Newspapers too. The present Chancellor of the Exchequer has been sniffed at his wrong arithmetic calculation. Because he believes that in wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, and in water there is bacteria. That false Monk always gets credit for his miracles. The local Newspapers reported that the Chancellor’s assignment is not finished yet. Because the greedy never knows when he has enough. That is why he wants to be in the Ministry’s Payroll for the coming five years, until he becomes the President of Somaliland. Mr.Samale, ( Aw Muxumad Liibaan ), every trick of your monkey – business deal is another nail in our coffin. Mr. Samale, you are stripped bare by the curse of spending plenty. Money had taken away from you, more than you have taken out of money. Money is like manure, it is only good when it spreads around evenly and equally. You are blinded by the Gold – Dust. You have a short arm for giving and a long arm for getting. That is a mathematical certainty in both, written and spoken language.

Mr .Aw Muxumad Liibaan, hiring the staff and employees in your Ministry is the true picture of your image. Somalilanders know that you keep by heart the names of ninety percent of your employees. It is funny but true that since you have quitted wearing the Islamic turban and the worry – beads. Replaced it with a Neck – Tie and a Sport’s – Jacket. For sure, you look like the queen of England. But I doubt much if Mr. Silanyo cares anymore than he listens. Because nothing confuses a man, more than driving behind a woman who does everything right. We the silent majority of Somaliland appealing to the International Community and our blood donors, in a voice that can’t be ignored to apply investigative eyes and arms to the Election’s circumstantial process.

Mr.Luther King said, when disaster strikes, leaders are put on test. Somalilanders want to know whether their leader is in control or at least copying. Some leaders arise to the challenge with more grace than others. The leader sets the mood. The leader sets the moral values. Somalilanders need a leader who can skate, shoot, and score. Our castle is threatened from the interior. The cows gracing in the field are not content. Mr.Silanyo, you are a forbidding enigma full of contrasts and paradoxes. A civilization threatening chameleon with many faces. Mr.Nelson Mandela said, I am prepared to die for my beliefs. A man who won’t die for a cause is not fit to live. Your ambiguous Government’s approaches to the public is more rootless than the late Vampire, but less painful due to the more sophisticated anesthetic devices of the Mother – In – Law from hell ( Tribalism ). That scenario happens when that ignorant KGB agent, Mr.Waran Cadde and the false Monk, Mr.Samale dominates our political arena. Here then, the voices of freedom and democracy are muted, by putting a gag in our mouth. Dear reader, a man’s reputation for his future is his record of the past. As everybody knows, democracy is a dirty word in the encyclopedia of Mr.Waran Cadde. That is why he is standing on our neck; and putting a gag in our mouths.

Mr.Silanyo, thank you for thinking of me.

Yusuf Deyr,

The shadow of Caseer ) Edmonton