SOMALILAND: The Presidential Palace Is the Only Audience of SLNTV

By Aden Deeq

Somaliland national television budget is 15,668,744,272 Somaliland Shillings, but when you look at the quality of sounds, recordings its of the lowest quality that your eyes will get hurt by just viewing SLNTV.

I am not here to deteriorate the image of our national television but am really writing this article to enlighten that the nations honor has been tarnished because it doesn’t reflect Somaliland image which is so great that it’s own television is incompetently sending a different message.

But when you look at its rival Horn-Cable TV and what makes It the people’s favorite choice better than SLNTV is that they have a much better sound and image quality and their transmission is impeccable although their studio is perfectly illuminated and decorated. Somaliland national television has all the advantages and funds it needs but lacks of proper management to keep up to date a satisfying transmission with a high definition image to viewers “Somaliland population” which opts to watch Horn-Cable TV instead of the National TV that makes the people to be highly oriented to opposition parties propaganda agenda’s which till today got no clear missions except inciting violence.

What the government didn’t really understood is that by making SLNTV to run properly maintaining it to be free from all sort of corruption will have made them to shine brightly politically. But vainly that couldn’t have been done because its mirror “SLNTV” projects flue ineffective valuable social outcomes and zero accountability to its audience.
The SLNTV numerous cases of corruption related to the misappropriation of funds is one of the main elements contributing to the dis­crediting of Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud politics.
The other thing is SLNTV does not include cases of corruption in its news agenda because of the managerial mentality that believes they represent the government and that their job description is to shape their images.

SLNTV news programmes are generally not devoted to sub­jects concerning corruption and misappropriation of public funds but there is a significant differences in politics news treatment ; were Horn-cable include political corruption in their programs and well planned different programs that keeps its audiences satisfied.

The conclusion of what does SLNTV projects? Is that the daily flattery they transmit seems to put an ecstatic joyous overwhelming happiness to the presidential palace occupants.