Somaliland: Rehab center for juvenile criminals to be established in Hargeisa

The Minister of Justice Hon. Hussein Ahmed Aidid has today laid the founding stone of new center whereby juveniles who break the country’s laws will learn vocational training skills and receive rehab lessons.

UNDP and  government officials were in attendance at the ceremony. The center is said to be funded by UNDP.

Justice minister has said that the intention behind the center is to give a brighter future to juveniles who are violate against the country’s laws.

He added that children will receive rehab lessons and will also get training so that they will bring an end to crimes.

The Minister has announced that there are currently seventy children who committed crimes and were convicted.

Head of UNDP Mr. Steven has told that the center will open a window of opportunity to youngsters who are caught red handed and were involved to crimes.

Mr. Steven has remarked that this project will have huge positive impact on the country’s major cities security.