Somalia: Kenya asks Somalia to extradite wanted Al-shabaab commander

Kenyan government on Sunday asked Somali authorities to extradite top Al-shabaab leader Zakariye Ismail Ahmed who surrendered himself to Federal government forces in Gedo region.

Zakariye who was on a US wanted terror list is expected to be flown in Mogadishu for questioning after he succumbed to Federal government forces in El-waq district with his driver on Saturday.

Senior Somali security officer Col. Abas Ibrahim said that Kenya has requested Somali officials to transfer Zakariye to Nairobi, but the bid has been declined.

“Kenyan security officials in Gedo asked Zakariy’s head, but we have rejected the offer, now he is in custody. “Col. Abaas told reporters by phone. The government held Zakariye at undisclosed location in El-Wak according to Abbas.

An official statement from Al-shabaab fighters said, that Zakiriye Ahmed has defected from the group two years ago. In June 2012, US Department of State has placed a bounty of 3M on Zakariya’s head.

Al-Shabaab fighters have lost key grounds in Somali southern region due to anti-Alshabab Indian Ocean operations  The detained commander fell out with former leader supporters within the group. In September US airstrike killed the group’s leader Ahmed Abdi-godane.