SOMALILAND: The limping Ruling Party, Kulmiye and the Opportunity of the Opposition Parties

In 2002, Somaliland initiated to establish a multi-party system instead of clan-based system. Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim Egal, the second president of Somaliland was the first person who had launched that system (multi-party system). To begin with, Kulmiye party ran two presidential elections. Mr. Ahmed Mohamud Silanyo was leading the opposition party, Kulmiye in those two elections.

Mr. Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah, a famous leader of Somali National Movement (SNM) at mid-eighties, was his vice president competent. In the second election, Mr. Abdirahmana Abdilahi Ismail Saylie, a famous businessman, was appointed to run for being for the vice president of Silanyo .UCID and UDUB parties were also running for the election,

Previously, all parties in Somaliland they use a clan-based system where every party had but priority on some important clans. The also promised the clans that would appoint those clans with supreme positions. If and if won that election, this has caused clans to pay relentless effort and support on parties,

Coming close to the point, concise and clear, the clan-based system party in Somaliland, formally UDUB party, was led by Dahir Riyle’s clan, Makahil Dhere (part of Samroon clan), while Ahmed Yusuf Yassin’s clan was Ease Mouse (part of Suber Awal clan

In addition, Habar Yonis clan held most crucial ministers in that Government.

On the other hand, UCID party were led by Ciidagle clan (part of Garxajis clan), part Samaroon clan respectively,

On the contrary, the clan of Harbar Jeclo, particularly Adam Madoobe (Black Adams), and Mohamed Case led Kulmiye party (part of Samaroon clan). Arab clan was also taking in to account.

And Sacad Muuse clan (part of Suber Awal clan), were promised to take top levels of the government, if and if winner, which leaded Mouse Bihi Abdi, also, Kulmiye was promised with Sacad muuse clan, they would be the next presidential candidate through Mouse Bihi Abdi, for next five years election, and the chairman of Kulmiye party after winning.

Whatever, Kulmiye party won the second presidential election, one-man one vote election, at July 2010, Fortunately, all Kulmiye party member celebrates on their winning, for hilarious and jubilant, Mr. Dahir Riyale Kahin former president Somaliland has been transferred the government from UDUB party to the winner Kulmiye party, in the form of honesty and respect, carefully and cautions.

At the same time, Kulmiye begun to rebuild a new government, with keeping his mind or remembering promises that appointed with the clans.

The new fourth president Somaliland, Mr. Mohamed Silanyo, was build concise government (small quantity with quality government), according with previous governments, making or generating satisfaction all over the Somaliland people, not only his supporters. After a while, Mr. Silanyo opened the political organizations, to make reform about the previous parties in the country, Finally, UDUB was wiping out on the political playground, for legal issue, when was delayed to make fully registration with political organizations, and take place or replaced with Wadni party, after Wadani party won municipality election.

Coming close to the point, at 28th April 2014, Kulmiye had been held general meeting of the party, Board of director’s (BOD) party, was announced Mr. Silanyo would be candidate of presidential election at the next five years,

Were Mouse Bihi Abdi would be the Chairman of the Kulmiye party still, instead of presidential candidate for next five year as appointed Mr. Silanyo before, but Mr. Bihi was accepted passively.

With this intention, some leakage source, from whom trustworthy said, before months,             Mr. Mouse has been got some advices from former politicians, that was, to accept, to been the Chairman of the party firstly, not candidate, secondly, when the party on his hand, you could be nominee for presidential election, that caused to accept Mouse for the chairman title before.

After that, Mouse declared he was nominee in the Kulmiye party at the next presidential election, beside Mr. Silanyo, in the even that, Mr. Silanyo refused Mouse’s nominee, were Kulmiye divided in to two parts, part beside Silanyo and the other beside Mouse.

Furthermore, Chairman House of elders Mr. Saleban Mohmoud Adam was entered the conflict between those two parts, to resolution that conflict between them.

Conclusion, Kulmiye party was loose the confidentiality of his supporters, because, some big clan supporters was refused the way Kulmiye planed his political faced on that clans, and also, they complaint or grieves some crucial promises had not been executed, so that, they would not support, and they didn’t give any vote to Kulmiye party.

Unfortunately, Subeer Awal and Arab clan they refused Kulmiye totally, were Sheikh, Berbara Hargeisa, Gabiley and Wajale Kulmiye got hundred thousands of votes in the Subeer Awal resident, and the other side, Hargeisa, Balaygubadle got a massive vote’s Arab clan resident.

Knowing, the exciting of opposition parties it is an opportunity both supporters refused Kulmiye and opposition parties, because, opposition parties they need supports, in the other side, supporters they also need a party to give on their votes, to reach on their desires.

Compulsorily, Kulmiye party would solve his conflict, with glancing what happens around him.


By Mustafe Abib Mohamed