Somaliland: Minister of Civil Aviation meets with ICAO delegation

Hargeisa (Wargane News) Somaliland Government & officers from International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) have jointly spelled out of meeting on future airspace control which took place in Hargeisa on Sunday.

Senior officials of the Ministry of Civil Aviation & Air Transport held a press conference at Ambassador Hotel along with ICAO officers & spoke about the Somalia/Somaliland to take control of her airspace is now being implemented.

Director General of Civil Aviation & Air Transport Mr. Omar Abdilahi has stated that they bid a farewell to UN delegation that has been in the country for the past two days.

He said that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) delegation trip to the country is to assess the capabilities of major airports, the smooth functioning of the Ministry of Civil Aviation and her assets.

The delegation paid a visit to the port city of Berbera and inspected new brand terminal which is under construction and is nearing completion.

The DG has added that the security fence of Berbera airport has been completed. He reminded that the intention of ICAO delegation to the country is to see with their naked eyes the tangible progress and show them that Somaliland’s capacity to run her airspace very smoothly.

Mr. Omar has revealed that they submitted both verbal and written letter on Somaliland’s stance on airspace control. The delegation was jovial about the warm reception provided in Somaliland. Mr. Javier Lopez has said that they are happy with the stay in the country. Mr. Javier has further cited that they are in the country on assessment which will pave the way for Somaliland to govern her air control.

They want to see the quality of domestic flights and hand over funds earmarked for trainings. He acknowledged that there are remarkable progress be it the services available in Hargeisa & Berbera airports. Finally, Somaliland Minister of Civil Aviation & Air Transport Mr. Mohamud Hashi Abdi has welcomed and thanked the delegation from ICAO.

He said that Somaliland being a stable country without an international recognition but the world deals as a state. He went on to say that Somaliland has all the characteristics of a nation and further asked ICAO to give flight information regions.

The minister took as an example of states that lack recognition but has the control of their airspace the likes of Taiwan & Palestine.

The Minister believes strongly that Somaliland can handle her air space control very smoothly.