Somalia: Farmajo sends his congrats to the U.S President on July 4th, Independence Day

President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has sent congratulations to his U.S. counterpart and the American people as they celebrate their Independence Day.

Farmajo stressed the importance of U.S. and Somali relations, calling on both sides to to do more to strengthen those ties.

“Given the importance Somalia attached to its relations with the USA, we seek to strengthen our two sides bilateral relations further to provide the best opportunity for progress and prosperity for our two nations.”

He added that he is grateful to the U.S. for being an ally of Somalia.

President Farmajo has dual Somali-U.S. citizenship. He arrived in America in the early 1990’s just after the beginning of the civil war.Before being elected as Somalia’s president, he lived in Buffalo, New York and worked at the New York Department of Transportation.

Millions of Americans will be celebrating The Fourth of July with parades and fireworks across the country. It has been celebrated since 1776 and marks the independence from Great Britain.