Puntland Information minister, Mr. Abdi Hirsi Ali Qarjab, said that the statements made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland were false, and that Puntland is not ready to in engaging in any peace talks Somaliland  any time soon not until we take full control of Sool region which belongs  to Puntland.

Puntland’s minister of information flanked by the presidential spokesperson speaking in a joint press conference held in Garowe on Tuesday evening categorically denied that having knowledge on such a proposal by the  international  community.

Dr. Saad Ali Shire, minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation on Tuesday announced that the Somaliland government has started engaging in a new peace plan proposed by the international community reduce tensions [and] to increase dialogue very quickly between Somaliland and and neighbouring Puntland.

Speaking to reporters in his office Dr. Saad Ali Shire said, “The international community has proposed four point peace plan which is meant to lay the framework for a peaceful solution to the conflict.

“The peace plans proposed by international partners call on both sides to bring an immediate halt to the fighting, start dialogue between military commanders on the ground, secure humanitarian access for displaced persons, and enter into talks to discuss a separation of forces and an exchange of detained security personnel of which Somaliland accepts as long lasting peace solution is found “, he said.

The foreign minister while responding to a recent statement issued by its partners and the international community expressing their concerns over the latest armed clashes took place last month near the town of Tukaraq in Sool region between ‘Somaliland forces and Puntland region of Somalia.

“People living in Sool region need development, education, water, jobs, health and most of all peace but not war, Sool region is part of Somaliland territory and in this case were the defenders not the aggressors,” he said.